Emerging indymedia the UK Column is blowing the lid on a staggering child abuse scandal.

Bonnie Lewis from Neath in South Wales was almost killed by incompetent medics.

Doctors prescribed her her a lethal dose of morphine, and botched a series of operations, leaving the child in constant pain with septecemia and abcesses.

But when her mother Linda took her daughter out of the UK to the US for treatment – Neath Social Services kidnapped the seriously ill youngster, at gunpoint, from her hospital bed.

The youngster was smuggled out of the UK on a false passport ordered by Welsh social workers Julie Rzezniczek and Alison Paisley.

The SS staff locked the child in a psychiatric unit, and her mother was banned from going anywhere near her.

The scandal happened after Welsh SS accused Linda of ‘Munchausans Syndrome by Proxy’ – a controversial , possibly non-existent psychological disorder invented by reviled quack Roy Meadows, the man behind the Sally Clark and Angela Cannings scandals.

Munchausens Syndrome is a common excuse used by Social Services to abduct and abuse children. It allows the authorities to dismiss any claims any parent has against them, on the basis that they’re making it up, because Social Services claim they’re mentally ill.

In this extraordinary video Indy Cllr Kevin Edwards tells how he was physically threatened in a local pub by social workers, in a pattern of behaviour typical state surpression of free speech .

Cllr Edwards – whose one line retort to legal threats against him has been simply the word ‘Nuts’ – also explains how SS staff perpetrated fraud to cover up their abuse, and made malicious allegations, in a pattern of behaviour he describes as sociopathic.

Stories like this are widely claimed to have been going on for years: they never get into the supposedly free old press because social services threaten old profit-making media with costly court cases. In fact local papers, particularly in Cornwall, not only ignore such public interest stories, but side with the establishment in burying them, and smearing anyone who speaks up.

Do you know of a scandal involving the SS in Cornwall? Have your efforts to publicise your case come to nothing because no-one will listen? Let us know. Just post below.


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