Stay at Home and Stay Healthy with CCNs Sugar Free Nom Noms 🙂

NomNom One: Orange Porridge


One clementine
Three apples
Pure Apple Juice
Three Dates
Two scoops full fat Lancashire Farm Greek Yoghurt

Cooking Instructions

Slice three apples to the core
Peel the clementine
Chop the clementine peel and separate the segments
Chop the dates
Chop ginger to taste
Toss all the fruit except the clementine segments and some of the peel into a saucepan to simmer in apple juice
Mash to fruit puree once boiling
Pour in to bowl

Make a cup of tea
Pour the tea in to the same saucepan with the oats to make porridge
Kill the porridge repeatedly with a wooden spoon

Serving Suggestion

Pour the puree in to a bowl
Top with the porridge
Mix two scoops of chilled, stiff Greek Yoghurt with the leftover clementine peel
Dollop the scoops and garnish with the clementine segments


Hooray 🙂

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