by Ed Hunter
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IMAGINE, for a second, you are a Bob Lazar.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Mr Bob Lazar.

So – Bob, for those unfamiliar with his subculture, is quite a famous and respected guy. In UFO circles.

A bona fide scientist and technician, he claims he worked on reverse engineering an alien spacecraft.

Of course not everyone believes Bob.

They’ve attacked his personal character, and his professional credentials: plus they don’t believe the conspiracy element of his story.

But that’s not the real reason folks won’t trust in Bob.

The real reason is simply that we should always be sceptical about any extraordinary claims by any other human being.

Not because extraordinary claims are not often true: but because humans are flawed. Intrinsically, and often deeply.

As a result, our history of frauds and conmen and women runs the length entire of the human race.

Attention seeking – so easy for mothers to spot and vilify in children – is not so easy for adults to spot in each other.

Many of us can’t even to spot it in Greta Thunberg

But from the first rainmaker to the modern day mystic determined individuals have found an easy path to an easy life with crazy claims of special knowledge.

More everyday people like you and I, often lean that way too. Only, because we’re not supercharged like old Deepak, the stakes are lower.

Lower – but not low. Which of us after all doesn’t crave respect? Certainly few amongst us could get by happily thinking we commanded none.

But respect is a knotty notion.

A child of five knows they’re as likely to be blamed for something that wasn’t their fault, as they are to be praised for something that wasn’t their doing.

A man of twenty-one knows he’s as likely to be fired for working hard as he is to be promoted because someone else is lazy.

And anyone who knows anything knows a life lived worthy of respect is likely to earn you precisely none.

Not only that, but you’ll have to sit back and watch your quota of respect – and then some – positively lavished on reprobates and charlatans.

Given all the above – most of us forgive a fraudster. We like Uri Geller. We envy Marcel DuChamp. Some of us even have a sneaking regard for L Ron Hubbard.

I mean – they got it. They took the bull by the horns. Earning solid respect is hard to impossible. Blagging it is relatively easy. So go full throttle on the blag.

Anyway – back to the article: the one which I was hoping to make Bob Lazar the foil for.

There’s nothing really way out in the premise of Bob Lazars story: after all, what does ‘alien’ even mean? Only strange, or unknown. And what don’t we know? Who can say.

But let’s pretend for a second: let’s pretend we know, for a fact, Bob’s definitely up there on the blag with Uri and Marcel and L Ron. He just made the whole thing up.

Joe trusts in Bob. But who can say?…

Life wasn’t too good, so Bob figures a good solid hoax will turn his life around. Our boy’s not daft, and he copper-bottoms a perfectly credible science fiction, one both undeniable and unprovable, and thereby goes on to dupe a small but significant part of the public into paying him massive attention, and affording him substantial respect. Zero to Hero. Aimless nerd to life and soul. Job Done.

Then – literally out of the blue – something goes wrong.

Aliens land.

Aliens land – and aliens waltz in to the Whitehouse, the Kremlin, Parliament, old Sloppy Joe’s – and they just say Hi.

‘Hey – how’s it going. No, don’t worry – not wildly interested in abduction or anal probing: got some great propulsion technology, check it out. Sure, thanks – mine’s a half.’

So: bit of a shock. Soon calms down. General, rational, excitement. Well done everyone.

But wait.

Where’s Bob?

Well – before we return to that part of the story – let me crudely push the analogy aside and introduce you to the point of the article.

Over the last few days, I’ve been first shocked, then stunned, then frustrated, then variously impressed and disgusted, by the same thing we’re all facing.

First I was shocked. Shocked that an event that serious people had been warning us about for years – to absolutely no avail – had in fact occured.

A flu virus with a high case fatality rate had spontaneously emerged and was spreading, widely and rapidly.

Second, I was stunned. Stunned that, when told that the virus was airborne, resilient, transmitted by even very slight physical contact – and to top it all off, that carriers showed no symptoms and suffered no effects from between four days to a week – democratic Western Governments did not politely but firmly, and at the beginning of the year, close their borders to people from China, for the duration of their tragic epidemic. There was nothing preventing any of those same Governments pledging material assistance at the same time. That they did neither is a golden marker of the selfishness and incompetence of the over-educated, pig ignorant imbeciles who rule too much of our daily lives.

(For any morons still bleating open borders and stigmatisation – Singapore closed their borders to Chinese travellers in January. The second most densely populated country in the world – not one citizen of Singapore has died of the corona virus and a total of just 266 cases have been successfully treated. Although no more political allies than are China and the UK, China and Singapore have never been closer as trading partners.)

Third, I was frustrated. The Maths of the virus, for those who can even spell Maths (obviously not you, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) was mortifying. The historical precedent was clear – and available to any member of the public with an internet connection. Killer flu was real, and it was no longer a joke.

Or so I thought.

Up until around three days ago (Monday March 16th for any of you retro-readers), no-one I know failed to sneer and possibly laugh at any suggestion they might – oh – maybe postpone holiday plans? Even – wait for it, shock: horror – have a bit of good food in the house?

‘I suppose so, they whined, with muffled contempt for such irrational, paranoid cowardice. But there are no cases in Cornwall.’ Even: ‘it might not come to Cornwall: we’re lucky we live so far apart from each other down here’ (!!)

Now – this wasn’t everyone. And of course a lot of us under-65s have to carry on work anyway so it’s a relative risk we’re forced to make light of. That’s one thing. Those people resigned to ploughing on, if they’re sensible, will carry on but take precautions, lest they pass the pestilent thing on to anyone less fit than they.

I’ll tell you who it was though. And who it was may surprise you. But rest assured this is how it panned out.

It was hippies. And the white collar PC in-crowd. And especially all of the minions of the high priests of global warming. The lovers of ley-lines. The off-grid contingent. The very ‘end of the world’ brigade themselves.

So – ???????

WTF? I thought. Are these the same people who’ve been screaming at me all my life that I’m going to boil us all to death just by driving a modest, efficient car?

A real, proven, global pandemic – and there they all are: sat holding hands in the long grass, lovingly repainting their Repent for the End is Nigh signs, pointing and giggling if you try and tell them there’s a very nasty flu in the air and they may want to pack up with the campaigning and stay at home for a bit. Maybe put in a call to Gran instead. Because if she’s unlucky, the end of her world could actually be nigh.

And that’s when I realised.

They’re Bob. That’s where Bob is. They were Bob all along. They’re the Bob That Cried Wolf.

Back to our story, then.

So, Bob Lazar’s a fraud, but now aliens have landed, and so people are asking: ‘Where’s Bob?’

At first, Bob’s in shock. But not the same shock as everyone else. I mean more like:

‘Aliens! Jesus! Who would have thought? My whole life succesfully built on an extravagant lie and now it’s real! No. No it can’t be!!’

But it is. And now Bob’s got to deal with it. So? Easy. Denial.

Hey man – the media are scaremongering. I know about alien technology and those are not their spacecraft. That’s a hologram. I recognise it: from 9/11 – ok?’

It gets worse.

‘Oh yeah they don’t want us to touch each other while the aliens are here because some of us might get sick – yeah, right. They want to kill love. They’re ordering us to stay at home! The drones are here! I told you! It’s the state! It’s the media! (Pass the Guardian my welfare cheque’s in it..)’

And so on and so on ad nauseam. But the thing about denial, (and we’re all in some kind of denial about something – for instance I’m confident thousands of admiring readers will appreciate and enjoy this article whilst in reality around two people who know and hate me will skim through it and then send fifty-six anonymous bullying emails from ten addresses) – the thing about denial is that you can’t keep it up forever. Denial is a common defensive response to shock, but shock eventually resonates.

And that brings us up to date, and to the last chapter in our tortuous analogy.

Because if the behaviour of the eco-crowd is anything to go by, almost immediately after Bob gets out of denial, he gets heavily in to going stark staring mad.

‘ALIENS!’ he’s wailing. ‘ALIENS! They’re here! They’re HERE!’

‘Yes Bob. We know Bob.’ We’re all saying. ‘We told you. We’re trying to deal with it.’

‘ALIEENNNSS!’ Bob screams, before careering headlong in to a tinfoil wall and passing out.

That’s right. Not only did the exact same end-of-the-world, holier-than-thou, eco-fraggles who’ve spent their lives repeating the same convenient untruth that we’re all going to die unless we do what they say without argument because they are good and Boris is bad and they are clever and everyone else is white-van-man greet news of a serious health threat to the elderly and vulnerable by going out partying: but now that they’ve been forced to dimly grasp reality, these exact same people are currently going bananas in local supermarkets.

And I mean bananas. OK they’re not buying toilet roll – half of them wipe their rears with their hands anyway – but a lot of them went bat-s**t crazy (if that’s not an unfortunate term)

It took about ten hours, and it lasted from the PM’s address on Monday to the announcement of school closures the next day.

VIRUS!’ they suddenly wailed. COVID19! It’s here! It’s HERE!’

‘Yes Bob. We know Bob.’ We all said. ‘We told you. We’re trying to deal with it.’

‘KILLER VIRUS!’ they screamed, before careering headlong in to an eighteen foot wall of wholewheat pasta and passing out.

Right now – as far as I can tell they’re still sort of concussed in aisle nineteen. They were always confused – so in a way, it’s nice that their confusion now takes the form of mild contrition, instead of honking sanctimony.

But this general lunacy and vicious upheaval of social capital should give us serious pause.

How – exactly – have we left ourselves wide open to exactly the same brand of horrific tragedy that killed 100 million people a hundred years ago?

It’s not enough to tut they people ‘never learn’. We should, and we can.

What’s happened is, we’ve tolerated idiots, and their stupid, dangerous ideas, in return for an easy social life

Because of our political complacency – as a society, on all rungs – fools, frauds, and charlatans are dictating national and global public policy.

Every penny – and it’s billions – that is wasted worldwide on setting up fraudulent carbon credit initiatives, or torn from the shallow pockets of poor citizens in ‘green’ energy tax, is money not spent on plain common sense, humanitarian initiatives such as global epidemic preparedness.

How could Bill Gates ever have hoped to persuade world Governments to allocate the required funds to prepare sensibly for this real emergency, while crazed ideologues were organising on a military scale in every branch of the professions to bellow the pseudo-scientific claptrap of climate change apocalpyse in their ears?

Blaming the Muppets? Blame yourself.

Politicians set policy. People elect politicians. People vote according to what they think is right. And most people decide what’s right based on what social norms are.

That means every time you, as an individual, nod along with some imbecile who claims carbon (of all things) will end the world, or gender is fluid, or men are toxic – you’re assenting to a social norm – which a politician will make into a policy

What’s that nauseating, jarring, unspeakably patronising little slogan the apparatchik nnannies of todays PC corporations and public bodies like to trot out to a general public they not so secretly hate?

Oh Yes. ‘You Said! We Did!’

And so it goes:

End of the World You Say? Fine! Crippling energy tax on the poor – We Did!: Gender is Fluid You insist? No problem! Active discrimination against people who aren’t gay in recruitment – We acted!: Men are toxic you believe? We agree. Special courts for men without juries in which they’re guilty until proven innocent – Election Promises Kept! You Said! We Did!

Maybe if more people had opened their big gobs to shout at the WHO to prepare for an inevitable pandemic instead of screaming about transgender toilets for the last ten years we wouldn’t be in such a mess now.

It is high time for the majority of sensible people to start speaking out in favour of sensible ideas as passionately as a minority of cranks scream about fringe ideas.

Crises such as these act as warnings that garnering easy social capital from people is no substitute for earning other people’s respect.

In politics and in daily life you earn respect by thinking for yourself, and by telling others what you honestly think.

And let no-one parade the excuse that the media plays the public anymore.

Mainstream commercial and state run media is on its knees. And there’s this thing called the internet? Never mind the present censorship debacle – there are more than enough books online, uncensored, to form a reasonable opinion on most important matters.

Changing a zeitgeist starts with you, the individual.

How serious, honest or open each of us is about social issues directly determines the outcome of life or death situations like that at hand today.

In the last half Century of relative peace – of non-emergency – Western peoples have allowed mad fringe ideas to go mainstream.

The result? Our public institutions – from Government departments to corporations to charities – are corrupt. Corrupted by charlatans who wheedle and bully regional and international policymakers, and whose extremist intriguing stands in the way of common sense politics for the common good.

We are suffering the consequences right now – and it’s not pretty.

It’s time we demand – forcefully – that global political attention be focussed on, and our money spent on, provable, sensible, good causes.

Perhaps a good start would be calling for legislation to force all those supposedly fine and noble and non-political civil servants and NGOs and ‘good cause’ campaigners to declare their obvious political bias so we can decide if they deserve our support.

A good start might be the extreme leftists who run, for instance – the international ‘charity’ Greenpeace Fund – once a conservation group, now more of a worldwide Communist Manifesto.

Maybe it’s about time they from behind their green foliage, dropped the cruel and cynical charade of claiming to wish to save all of us from the ecological end times, and just damned well admit they’re champagne socialists and ask us to vote for socialism on its own merits, instead of running a rotten con number.

Who knows. They may get big votes.

Bob’s got to agree with someone 🙂

Wow! You made it to the end of Ed’s Covid Eco-Rant! So what do you think? Will the flu change our political paradigm? If so, how? Don’t let Ed be the only one having fun at the forum! You let us know what you think – Just post below! 🙂

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