by Sensible Ed

People are acting weird.

It’s as if someone’s constantly flicking a switch.

Panic/Denial. Panic/Denial. Pause to drink tea and forget there’s any health crisis at all. Panic! Denial..

But that’s how we are.

So – if you can’t take your mind off the flu or stop worrying about it – here is some re-assurance.

And – if you refuse to believe it’s serious – here is a reality check.

All we know about the flu is that

1. Keeping as much distance as possible – up to two metres – away from others, and practising extra hygiene, is the only thing that can slow down its spread.

2. Staying fit and eating healthy is the only thing that can reduce it’s lethality. Which also means being happy and focussed.

3. The majority of the victims will be older and less healthy – but it can infect and potentially kill any of us – so we should take points 1 & 2 extremely seriously.

That’s it.

Everything else is nonsense: OMG! Panic! The world is going to end! Wait! Yay! Denial! We’ll get a miracle vaccine! Oh it ‘only’ affects old people! Oh No a teenager died! Look – a celebrity has it!! Look this person died! Look that person recovered! And perhaps worst of all: ‘I’ve got it on social media here is ‘My Story’ – shock, horror…

It’s just not helpful. Switch it off. It’ll make you sick.

If you really want to know – and there’s no real point in knowing – but if you must know what we can sensibly guess about our future, and that of the flu – this is about the size of it.

1. It stops as suddenly as it started. This happened with MERS.

2. One wave runs its course, over four to six months. There are many deaths, but far less than the reported percentages (because of the numbers undiagnosed). After that, most are immune, the disease becomes endemic, we change some of our habits, we keep looking for a vaccine.

3. There are multiples waves: but this is highly unlikely, and there is no point in thinking about it during an existing wave. It’s just an honest fact from a free press.

If any of that leaves you distressed or confused – it shouldn’t.

It should just remind you of how important it is to follow a doctors advice.

Our Government is currently being effectively run by doctors.

So it’s one of the few occasions in recent times that you should take official advice at face value.

At this stage, the only people we will have to blame for more people dying than is necessary will be ourselves.

We all need to grow up and start respecting ourselves, as a society.

And you can stop reading here, if you like. There will be no more information of any direct use contained within it.

I mean that. Please go away.

Unfortunately I also mean it when I say I know some people will not take sensible advice.

They will skim through this and nod and when they click away it will be straight deep down in to the darkest, most dim-witted echo-chambers of social media and to the grossest hysterical extremes of the brainless mainstream press.

Within minutes, they’ll be start thinking alternately first about whether they will die, then about how soon they can rebook their holiday.

For those people – and I honestly hope most have actually clicked away by now and started reading a good book or doing all those millions of things you endlessly complain you never get done when you have work on – but for those left who can’t or won’t concentrate, we’ll focus more closely on the flu – but constructively.

The case fatality rate of the present flu may be less than cited, because of the undiagnosed and unknown element in general.

But officially so far it’s at least as high as that of the Spanish Flu

Now the Spanish Flu came at an almost impossible time to combat a pandemic, namely the First World War.

Press censorship, official refusal to act, troop movements and medical ignorance led to it killing more people than the War itself.

Things are different now.

But you can all make it the same, if that’s what you really want, by just charging around and not doing what you’re told.

Let’s take the issue of wartime censorship spreading the Spanish Flu. No one knew it was out there, no-one did anything.

Today – you can keep informed. But that does not mean getting sucked in to Facebook or thrilling to clickbait.

At a time that our Government is acting directly on the advice of doctors – we should take their direct advice. And not panic.

Secondly, unprecedented travel, in the form of troop mobilisation, let Spanish Flu sweep the globe, unchecked.

So No, you are not going away on holiday, anywhere. Count yourselves lucky you haven’t been hit with a one thousand Euro Spanish-style fine for trying.

Thirdly, it is a historical fact that communities in the US who implemented social distancing and practised extra hygiene during the Spanish Flu suffered sometimes only HALF the deaths as did as other areas.

So keep fit, wash your hands and stay physically away from other people while this lasts.

What is the problem here?

All you’ve got to do is nothing except hang out at home, wash and eat good food.

We should all do that as often as we can anyway.

But fine – if you’ve read this far and are not sufficiently convinced by a historical lesson of 100 million terrible deaths – go right ahead and spread the disease.

You could be ending your life. You could be ending the life of a friend or loved one. And no-one will mourn you. You’ll be remembered as an idiot.

There – I told you to click away in Paragraph 16.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

Or let us know – Just post below! 🙂


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