Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske has drastically cut back hospital visiting in a bid to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Under new emergency restrictions

  • No visit may last longer than one hour
  • Only one visitor may visit one patient at any one time
  • All visits will take place between 2pm and 7pm.
  • Children (under-16s) may not visit the hospital
  • Any visitor who feels “unwell” is advised to stay away

Children are banned because they ‘super-spread’ the virus – (Kids are, at present, still at extremely low risk of themselves suffering severely from the corona virus)

Under 16s can’t visit (pic © RCH Treliske)

The remaining restrictions have been made in light of the extreme transmissibility of the disease.

A spokeswoman explained: “You can carry the virus without showing any symptoms.

“We ask you to consider carefully the potential risk to others before you travel to the hospital, and whether your journey is completely necessary.”

The Hospital – in line with almost all vets, surgeries, hospitals and many chemists – is providing hand sanitiser and asking patients and visitors to ‘scrub up’ on entry.

A spokeswoman said: “When you come into our hospitals you will be expected use the hand sanitiser gels available at all entrances.

“Then, when you come into a ward, you will be directed to wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds.

“We would ask you to do the same on leaving the ward.”

The Hospital stressed that residents with flu symptoms needing medical attention would not be turned away.
They insisted: “Our hospitals are open as usual.”

“Patients should come for appointments as planned.”

“Like all hospitals, we will see patients with possible symptoms and are following precautionary infection prevention and control procedures.”

But they added: “If you are concerned about any symptoms have a recent cough or temperature they should not come to hospital.”

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause in the short term.

“Our aim in asking for your help is to ensure we can continue to deliver safe patient care by reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

“This is so that we can keep our beds open and protect our staff to care for our patients.

If you feel ill, but not sick enough to need emergency hospital treatment, and you don’t want to go to the hospital: the NHS online advice is HERE
The Government is providing constantly updated information on the outbreak, including advice on symptoms HERE

If you are concerned about any symptoms try within reason not to go to hospital or your GP. See if you can first get through to the NHS111 Coronavirus Service Failing that try phoning 111.

But, repeat, the hospital, and local doctors surgeries, are still open for mainstream routine and emergency appointments

Stay Safe everyone 🙂 Keep your spirits up and your wits about you 🙂


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