If you’re fit and well during the pandemic and sat at home and can’t sit still: there is lots you can do to help people out at this extraordinary time.

For a start, council have a simple online form to fill in if you’d like to volunteer to help the sick or vulnerable in your local area.

All you need to give them is your number, email, name, and local town. Then write, for example.

‘Hello. I’d very much like to help out during the corona virus crisis.’

After that, keep it short. Skills, availability maybe.

The local authority say they have had a great response to their call for help, so there may be a delay getting back to you.

Volunteer Cornwall are taking people on, although often the primary advice from such bodies is the best thing we can all all do is just look out for our neighbours, family & friends.

And of course we don’t need the council, or indeed the Government, to tell us what to do, and there’s a growing number of volunteer groups on social media.

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But, while you’re waiting to see if you can get out and do something official, make sure you’re fully aware of the nature of corona virus by clicking simple guide

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Drop us a line direct

Do you know of a good cause during the pandemic? Let us know – Just post below! 🙂

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