A senior Cornish politician has resigned saying the council’s chief executive ‘point blank refused to do anything’ about a mysterious accident that left a council worker disabled.

Bob Egerton quit his post as Cabinet member for culture, economy and planning because, he says, Kate Kennally ‘condoned’ a ‘cover-up’ over the workers crippling injury.

And he’s challenged Cormac to take him to court over claims they first failed to report the tragedy, then ‘deliberately lied’ about it to the Health and Safety Executive.

In a post to the public on his website Bob explained: “Over the past two-and-half years I have tried to get Cormac to admit their failings over this incident and to apologise.

“But I have been met with a wall of silence.”

He added: “I have met with chief executives of Cormac, the chief executive of Corserv, and the chief executive of Cornwall Council.

“It is clear that there has been a significant cover up within Corserv and this has been condoned by our chief executive.

Kate Kennally is accused of condoning a cover-up

The tragedy at the heart of Bobs resignation allegations took place on Dec 16th 2016.

A “much valued and respected” Cormac highway safety inspector was working at the Grampound Road Plant when he somehow fractured his skull.

No-one knows how it happened, and the victim, who has been left severely impaired and can no longer work or drive a car, remembers nothing.

Investigators theories ranged from a spontaneous bleed on the brain causing him to fall – to another person hitting him on the head with a shovel.

And former Cllr Bob says when he came across the shocking case – (the victim is one of his Grampound Ward constituents) – he found Cormac were covering it up.

The former Cllr explained: “No health and safety investigation was carried out at the time of this incident.”

“FIve weeks after the event, Cormac filed a RIDDOR report with the HSE.

“But that report was a work of fiction.”

He stormed: “Cormac lied to the HSE”.

Bob Egerton

Bob Egerton has made serious allegations of council wrongdoing

The HSE admit the Cormac reports were ‘incorrect’ – but say the errors were not deliberate: they have officially closed their case.

Bob’s case is that the Cormac errors were ‘deliberate lies’, made with the intent that the report would fall short of a cut-off threshold for HSE investigation.

Council leader Julian German has been quick to defend his chief executive, clearing her of any ‘negligence’ in a long and comprehensive statement.

Cormac have strenuously-denied the cover-up claims, saying the victim was ‘much-valued’ by them, and that they have supported him financially and with health issues.

Meanwhile they’ve set solicitors on Bob: whose response has been to post all the documents of the case online with the challenge ‘See You In Court’

On the floor of Town Hall chamber Labour and Tory Councillors are united in calls for an independent inquiry into Bobs shocking claims.

Tory leader Linda Taylor said Bobs allegations should be “investigated to the fullest extent possible”, and “by way of an external inquiry”.

She explained: “Cllr Egerton is a well-respected councillor and his resignation has made many councillors question what is the truth about this serious accident.

She said Bob’s ‘forthright criticisms’ of the council chief exec and cabinet members were “of such a serious nature that the veracity of his statements must be investigated”

And she added: “We all have to remember that this is not some dry political matter, someone’s life appears to have changed forever.

“We have a responsibility to the workforce and the residents that safety policy and procedures are maintained at the highest level.”

Labour councillors also backed Bob, who sat as an independent, and echoed his calls for a full investigation.

A joint statement from Cllrs Cornelius Olivier, Jayne Kirkham, Dorothy Kirk and Stephen Barnes pointed out: “The exact circumstances of what happened were never uncovered.

“We understand the investigation was delayed, which meant that vital evidence of the cause of the accident may have been missed.”

Bob himself made a point after resigning of saying sorry to the victim of the accident – who he does not name but refers to by the pseudonym ‘Joe’.

The politician wrote in a blog post: “To those many Cormac employees, colleagues of Joe, who wrote to me asking me to try to get justice for Joe.

“All that I can say is that I tried my best, but my best was not good enough. I am sorry to have let you down.”

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