At least 116 people in Cornwall have died of the pandemic Covid-19 flu virus

Around seventy per-cent of the fatalities were recorded in Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust or Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust care.


The remaining 35 victims died ‘outside of hospitals’.

The Office for National Statistics admitted 35 was a ‘minimum’ figure.

The news that more than three out of ten deaths have happened outside hospital will fuel ongoing speculation about the eventual death toll in care homes

But overall the figures show Kernow remains of the least affected areas in the country.

Across Britain slightly more than twenty seven and half thousand people have now died of the novel virus.

It brings our national fatality rate second only to hard-hit Italy and to third globally. The figure represents 0.0004 per-cent of a population of 65 million.

The percentage fatality rate in Cornwall is around half of that, at 0.0002 per-cent of a population of 568,201

There were 507 confirmed Cornish cases as of Sunday May 3rd.

Coronavirus fears revolve around hospital capability, the greater present danger to health workers who may be exposed to heavy ‘viral loads’ , and the integral threat to the physically vulnerable sick and elderly.

The elderly are most at risk: graph, © Statista

The airborne disease originated in central China in December 2019. Officially named Covid-19, it is popularly known as the ‘Wuhan Flu’.

21st Century travel and commerce spread the virus worldwide within weeks.

As of today (Monday May 4th) more than 247,300 have died, with 3.5million sufferers diagnosed.

With no vaccine, extraordinary measures currently being taken uniformly by countries across the globe are without historical precedent.

Britain joined most other affected countries with an enforced ‘lockdown’, effectively confining people to their homes, on March 23rd.

People are also being encouraged to stay two metres apart in public, while group gatherings are banned.

Unprecedented travel restrictions allowing movement for exercise, emergencies and vital food shopping only will not be lifted until the casualty rate decreases.

The global lockdown is being gradually eased rather than lifted, to prevent infection spikes overwhelming hospitals.

In Cornwall community groups have sprung to the fore to ensure friends, neighbours and the vulnerable do not suffer due to the strict temporary rules.

Such is the will to combat the new flu by self-isolation that this week Cornish GPs took to the internet to encourage everyone to please go out to the doctors as usual if they were unwell.

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