FIREFIGHTERS won’t go to a Cornish gypsy site without cops, after a girl coughed at them and threw ‘catch Covid’ taunts.

Fire teams were dealing with a blaze that threatened explosive pressurised cylinders when a group of youths kicked off.

Local Councillor Mark Kaczmarek said the Wheal Jewel site had degenerated in to ‘lawlessness’.

He called for the travellers to be moved on.

Mark Kaczmarek says Wheal Jewel is ‘out of control’

Mark told local media: “I strongly request Cornwall Council start looking for a new site location for these travellers.

“The behaviour on this site is unacceptable and unmanageable.

“It is a sad state of affairs when Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service require a police escort to attend a 999 incident.”

“This site must be closed and the offending travellers prosecuted.

“The community are sick and tired of putting up with problems from the site and quite frankly, the community deserves better.”

Mark’s rallying fellow councillors to support him and has put forward other interim or ‘second-best’ proposals for the site including:

  • Barriers to stop more travellers arriving
  • Permanent bans for anyone who breaks site rules
  • A temporary clearing so the site layout can be changed

There’ve been seven fires at Wheal Jewel this year.

In the Covid call-out, a caravan was found ablaze, and firefighters had to deal with the risk of a gas bottle being swamped by the flames.

While they were there, a second fire started, and the CCTV which could have shown how the fires started was found cut down.

As they fought the fire a group of children mobbed them and were abusive when asked to keep their distance, due to the flu outbreak.

A girl coughed at the firemen and taunted them about catching Corona Virus.

A senior fire officer confirmed the service would now not attend any fire at Wheal Jewel until police had turned up to assist them.

A report’s been sent to the Home Office about the Covid incident.

Cornwall Council issued a comprehensive statement which reads in part: “Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) works closely with Cornwall Housing Limited, traveller liaison colleagues and Devon and Cornwall Police.”

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