A cheeky little tot who wrote and sang a rude pop song so she could stay up late is rocking the lockdown.

Eight year old Jolee Dunn grabbed a toy guitar and performed a heartfelt tune she entitled ‘I Wonder What’s Inside a Butthole?’ for her mum Lisa Rieffel-Dunn.

Lisa tweeted the cute vid she took just this week.

The twenty second track has six million views and rising: as of filing this piece famed DJ Diplo is looking for the rights and it’s been covered by US comic Josh Radnor.

Meanwhile there are new online covers of the songs multiple times most days, with locked down fans hailing it a ‘pandemic anthem’

Here are the poignant lyrics to an all-time pop classic.


by Jolee Dunn (2020)

‘I wonder what’s inside your butthole?
‘I wonder what’s inside your butthole?
‘Maybe there is astronauts!
‘Maybe there is aliens!
‘All inside your butthole!
‘What’s inside a butthole, I always want to know
‘What’s inside a butthole, I always want to know’

Lisa said: “My kid wrote a song called, ‘I Wonder What’s Inside your Butthole.’ Quite honestly, it slaps.”

She told Buzzfeed: “If I recall correctly, this song was a stall tactic–type diversion to attempt staying up later.

“The one leg pushed up on the PJs are a telltale indicator that she’s at the end of the line, way past bedtime, and really needs to sleep.”

Jolee’s mother says her daughter is unphased by the sudden fame – as she only cares about Doja Cat

Meanwhile, in Russia, Elisey Mysin is also eight……

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