A dog running off the lead fell to its death off Cornish cliffs this week and another was saved from the same fate by coastguards.

Coastguard James Instance revealed: “We’ve had a couple of calls this week where we had to get teams out.

“Once to recover a dog that was still alive and the other time unfortunately not.”

North Cliffs Portreath

James warned: “If you’re going to be walking on the cliff top your dogs can be triggered by something at anytime so make sure you keep them on a lead.”

In late April a coastguard team and a lifeboat were called out after a dog ran off the leash and fell down Portreath’s North Cliffs.

The local coastguard were called to Greenbank Cove west of Basset’s Cove after walkers spotted a dog in a collar and lead running loose on the cliff path.

Greenbank Cove, Portreath

By the time they got there the dog had fallen and had to be hauled up to safety from a grassy bank some way down.

St. Ives Coastguard Rescue Team and the St. Ives All Weather and Inshore Lifeboats were also called out.

When the coastguards rang the number on the dogs collar, its elderly owner explained it had run off the leash in Tehidy Woods.

The animal was immediately driven home to its master.

Assistant director of coastguard operations Pete Mizen entreated people to stay away from the coast, as the Govt announced a further three weeks lockdown this week.

He said: “Our beautiful beaches, coasts and the sea will all still be there waiting for us to enjoy when safety measures are lifted.

“ You might think nothing will go wrong while you’re out but there is no guarantee.

“Please think seriously about the unintended consequences of pressure on front ilne services if something went wrong.

“The sea can be a dangerous place”.

Portreath Coastguard posted this on their social media: legends…….. 🙂

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