A furious row’s broken out over Cornish tips staying closed during Covid.

Newquay Cllr Olly Monk ‘s got ‘so fed up’ of shut recycling centres, despite Govt guidance to open, he’s penned a belting public email.

Rob Nolan says refuse workers need a police presence

The social media post tells Waste Portfolio Holder Rob Nolan straight out ‘Do your job!’, after pointing out that Whitehall authorised re-opening plans at the end of April.

Cllr Nolan replied with a list of excuses including:

    • Staff refuse to re-open without a police attendance to protect them from angry crowds
    • Recycling trade bodies refuse to open without a booking system in place
    • Tip journeys aren’t listed as essential so cops could stop and fine tippers

Newquay Treloggan Councillor Olly rejects Rob’s reasons.

He wants the Duchy’s 14 tips open immediately from dawn til dusk, with a simple car registration-based rota in effect.

And he slammed Rob’s insistence on Govt funding for the booking system as “fantasy”.

Olly Monk says the tips should open immediately

Here’s his alternative plan:

    • Opening the recycling centres 7 days a week from dawn to dusk
    • Immediately allocating tip-visiting dates to residents by car numberplate
    • Using vehicle colour to identify a day to visit.

Olly says Rob has ‘rubbished’ these ideas and his email voices the frustration of many locals who say council policy is leading to fly-tipping at beauty spots.

Here’s Olly’s email in full: let us know what you think

“Dear Rob Nolan

Hope you are well and staying safe.

I would like to know what plans you are making to get our recycling centres reopened ASAP.

Guidance from Robert Jenrick Secretary of State for Local Government and Local Communities dated on the 28thApril clearly shows that local authorities should come up with a plan to reopen recycling centres but at their own discretion.

In the case of Cornwall Council, it appears that you (as Portfolio holder for Waste) should have directed Officers to develop a workable plan to get these vital community services up and running.

Instead, it appears that we are no further forward in getting ready to reopen these facilities.

I appreciate that reopening HWRCs will present a challenge, but as other Councils have proved, this is not an insurmountable problem.

Many people throughout the County have large amounts of waste that needs to be taken to our recycling centres now.

I know the Conservative group has come up with several proposals to help with the reopening of our recycling centres, including:

Using vehicle Registration detail to allocate a disposal date.

Opening the recycling centres 7 days a week and open if its daylight.

Using the Vehicle colour to identify a day to visit.

So far, your response has been to “Rubbish” these ideas rather than to offer viable solutions to the issue.

I know that you would like a booking system to be in place (and paid for by the Government) .

I feel this is fantasy thinking that will not work in the short term and will be impractical in the mid to long term.

All this will do is cause more delay in the reopening as you try to get a booking system up and running.

The current low traffic volumes would aid the reopening of the recycling centres so the fact you have not come up with a solution is concerning.

The reopening of recycling centres is already essential, already taking place throughout the country and already overdue in Cornwall.

Please do your job, sort it out and get them open.”

Cllr Nolan said he was ‘hopeful’ tips will open in the next fortnight. These are his excuses for not opening now, in more detail:

He claims:

They’ll need police when the tips re-open because of the crowds – but the force haven’t got back to them yet.

Before lockdown, there were two hour queues, with some people ‘abusing staff’ and ‘refusing to keep safe distances’, and “We can’t expect staff to work in an unsafe environment.”

Recycling staff say they can only re-open with a booking system, which will be ‘expensive to install’: the council have asked for “Government assistances” but not heard back.

There’s no clear Govt guidance that tip trips are essential journeys so recyclers could be fined by police.

Cllr Nolan is not alone in stalling re-opening: the Association of County Councils have written to the Minister in similar vein.

He said things could start moving once there was “a clear Government statement saying trips to the tips are necessary.”

Speaking in a remote message to fellow councillors he concluded: “I’m hopeful that we’ll arrive at solutions in the next couple of weeks, and will be able to announce an opening date.

“in the meantime I assure you that I am well aware of the demand and am working to get the tips open.”

“it’s difficult to operate the tips safely at present.”

The council are still picking up ‘kerbside’ rubbish have re-started one refuse collection service – that they charge for.

To report fly-tipping click HERE

To get in touch with Olly click HERE.

To contact your local councillor go to THIS page and just type your postcode.

Bulky Waste is open if you can afford to pay the Unitary Authority for taking your sofa, fridge or other bulky item away.

Do you think the council should re-open the tips ‘immediately, from dusk til dawn’? Or are the tip workers right to need police to deal with crowds?

Let us know! Just post below 🙂

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