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There should be serious concerns raised today over police use of coronavirus powers, and whether the enforced lockdown is in fact having any medical benefit.

All the evidence points towards the primary factor in stopping the spread of the disease being early and complete closure of national borders.

Not only did we not close our borders – but we didn’t institute any systematic health checks on people flying in. Nor have we now.

This appears to have rendered the lockdown near-pointless: if indeed lockdowns make any major difference at all.

Sweden – with NO lockdown, and VOLUNTARY self-isolation and distancing – population 10,333,456 – has 26,670 cases, 3,256 deaths.

This means Sweden has lost 0.0003 per-cent of its population, and possibly achieved herd immunity.

Britain has lost 0.0005 per-cent. If we’ve not achieved herd immunity, we can expect that figure to increase, and if we have – the lockdown made almost no difference.

The mark of a mature human, as well as of a good leader, is the willingness to change your mind.

But, despite the emerging evidence, we’re still clinging to the idea that allowing policemen and women to order us to exercise if we go outside is going to stop us an unstoppable airborne flu.

On Sunday, as Britain hit the number two spot for virus deaths in the world, PM Boris didn’t change much.

He sent the nation back to work, and allowed unlimited outdoor exercise – but then hiked police fines for non-essential travel.

This at a time that it’s starting to look like the area in which most exercise is required during Covid is in restraint and discretion – by the police.

Covid emergency powers are leading to definite civil rights abuses. Thankfully most cops are being sensible and even kind, in what it is a difficult and probably confusing situation.

But enough of them aren’t, that responsible citizens should call for yet more moderation.

Derbyshire police shamed the nation early on by sending drones into the remote countryside to film two dog walkers who posed no transmission risk at all.

These atrocious, dystopian police-state tactics, as illiberal as they were mindless, hit headline news worldwide.

Today, on the eve of what many of us expected to be Boris’s lockdown lift announcement, officers from the Met were caught insulting and abusing members of the public.

Squads of police were reported marching through St James’ Park in London: some sent mums and dads playing with their kids home, others openly called objectors ‘morons’.

Terrifying footage has also emerged from Australia in which a policewoman, backed up by fellow officers, arrests a lockdown protestor and tears her young child away from her.

Meanwhile across Europe there have also been very heavy handed tactics.

French police have been handing out £400 fines and six month prison sentences

In Cornwall, the police force have publicised the issuing of fines only to people who, peak pandemic, drove long distance to the Duchy.

There’ve been no official recorded incidents of officers issuing anything other than verbal advice to local people out and about during the lockdown.

But it’s still made for an alarming site, if you value your freedoms.

Here’s a good starter question for Cornish cops: if you approach a man surfing, alone, on a deserted beach, to ‘have a word’: who is posing the greater risk of transmission?

Is it the surfer – to us, the public – as he sits there out back, completely isolated, building himself a cast iron immune system, and exercising – as advised by Parliament?

Or is it you, to him, because you’ve spent the day in a crowded police station, then in a stuffy police car with another officer right next to you?

Here’s another:

You see a woman, at least ten metres away from anyone else, lying on a beach. She’s been swimming.

Can she infect anyone else from that position?

Or should you put her at risk by getting right in her face and, with the ever-present threat of a fine, order her home, for not ‘moving around’

Lionel Shriver asks what health benefit is there in stopping a single person sunbathing?

And finally here’s a really easy one. You have to get this.

Who employs the police force? Are they a privately run company, hired by captains of state and industry, to tell us what to do?

Or do WE employ them, and are all police officers given long and detailed lessons in civic responsibility during training?

Since it’s the latter, we can state absolutely that, since Parliament is sovereign, then the police need to pay really, really close attention to emergency powers any Govt grants them.

I don’t remember hearing anything from Boris about London police officers suddenly being entitled to call people names, like petulant children, and disgrace the uniform.

Flu pandemic is not unprecedented. Hong Kong Flu killed four million in 1968. But it’s unprecedented to have lockdown – and for Paul Joseph Watson to get half a million hits in 72 hours

Nor dor I recall any order nationwide that ‘For the duration of the Flu, all subjects of Britain must, if outside their homes, be at all times in motion’

Boris’s exercise-flavoured lockdown was a perfectly good idea. It was different. It has good medical grounds. It’s helped stop people get cabin fever. It was typical of him.

But the police don’t seem to understand that going outside, for a walk, for breath of fresh air on a park bench, for a paddle in the sea – is all healthy, is all some form of exercise.

Some people can’t run Marathons. Some people have dodgy knees. Bad hearts. And as these are the people more at risk from Covid – they shoud be out more.

It would be one thing, peak pandemic, to tell a group of – say – ten tightly packed people from different households, just to please skip it until the flu has run its course.

But I’ve only seen individuals approached. What is the thinking here? Or do some officers just like telling people what to do?

Bad time for that, actually. Might want to rein that in.

The trouble is, no-one seems to know what does warrants police action and what doesn’t. The council won’t even open the tips, complaining that cops might fine tippers.

It seems there’s a lot of responsibility being put on individual police officers, a lot of vaguery, and a lot of he-said she-said inter-Governmental buck passing going on.

So for Boris, who’s Covid performance so far has been middling to good compared to much of Europe, to just tell us all to get back to work but then increase police powers is troubling.

It’s vital that the responsibilities imposed on police don’t morph in to obnoxious, resentment fuelling, abusive restriction of freedoms which at no point have been taken away.

Our hard-fought for freedoms have been moderated. For now, only, and for health reasons, only. And moderation is what is demanded of the police, as we all ‘pull together’.

It’s especially important that the police in Britain set a good example to us and to the rest of the world by using their emergency powers lightly.

For a start, almost everyone in all of society, in unprecedented solidarity, has been assiduously obeying the rules on social-distancing, almost from day one.

The only thing that could turn that sour, is if those same good people get terrorised by police officers, for no good reason.

Fingers crossed – Covid mortality is looking comparable to other fatalities we’re familiar with: smoking death, regular flu deaths, road casualties.

Pioneer engineer Elon Musk suspects the Covid fatality rate to be up to fifty times lower than first feared

Hopefully we will look back on this in the future and conclude that the lockdown had little effect, that Covid mortality proved not that different from other endemic diseases.

Whether we do or not – we must make damned sure we don’t look back on 2020 as the year we lost our heads, became a snitch culture, and gave up all our civil rights.

A good start would be to come down hard on a bitter, nasty minority of the public, egged on by the dafty bimbos and bozos of state TV, who are blaming other people for Covid casualties (!)

We don’t have a vaccine, you morons. And it’s the flu. In the long run, no amount of hand-washing, standing apart, or good hygiene can stop its grim march through a population.

How many times do doctors have to pronounce, very publicly, that all we are doing is slowing its spread so that our overburdened hospitals can cope?

Do you think pointing and shouting at strangers, or tweeting pictures of people innocently walking through parks, is going to ‘save the NHS’?

Sometimes you have to wonder whether there are various ‘strains’ of deafness: the two primary distinctions being aural and mental.

There’s only one clear message so far from Covid. And that’s that we can’t afford political correctness, in an emergency situation. It’s not only idiocy, it’s dangerous idiocy.

Taking stupid politicians obsessed with identity politics with us into a safety-critical world of medical realities is like taking your mad Granny with you to weld underwater.

If we’re going to weather these sorts of natural storms, we need common, evidence based sense.

The evidence says closing your border when an airborne flu is sweeping the globe is the only thing that will stop it. The statistics bear it out:

Lithuania: Population 1,919,968: 1,485 cases, 50 deaths
Latvia: Population 2,794, 329: 946 cases, 18 deaths
Estonia: Population 1,328, 360: 1,741 cases, 61 deaths

What else do all these nations have in common?

Lithuania shut its borders March 14 to all foreigners and banned citizens from leaving the country: Lithuanians returning from anywhere abroad spent two weeks in isolation

Latvia closed its borders to all foreigners March 17th, then completely outlawed air and ferry travel April, 1st.

Estonia banned all foreigners from entering the country March 17th. Anyone passing through the country given mandatory coronavirus check.

They didn’t f*nny about kowtowing to corporate and statist political correctness, and worry about being called racist if they acted when the pandemic started, in China.

They haven’t voted in MPs who think the most important thing to do during a killer flu outbreak is protect ‘gender and identity services’

No. They did something obvious and sensible. They closed their borders – to stop the flu getting in

Which brings me back to the first big question for Boris.

Why, through the entire lockdown, have all the airports been open without any flu checks?

Could this have something, vaguely to do with our being second only to the US in numbers of deaths in the world today?

Pilots were pointing out in March that smaller countries like Ukraine had health checks, but UK airports didn’t

No-one thinks you’ve done a very bad job so far.

Why not return the public’s trust and support, and next time you’re doing your weekly impersonation of Uncle Winston – just tell us.

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