An indy documentary exposes how West Cornwall is eavesdropping central for the spooks and spies of the Western World.

The YouTube flick traces a vast network of transatlantic cables in the Duchy and exposes which are linked to GCHQ snooping operations.

Taking Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations as its starting point, Mark Thomas’s film traces the many public – and secret – communication lines that criss-cross Cornwall.

The data centre at Skewjack

Whistle blower Snowden exposed how British spies conspired with the Americans to siphon off information from Skewjack cable station near Porthcurno in 2014.

The spooks placed an intercept device, code-named ‘Nigella’, across Skewjack cables: and the intercepted data fed the ‘Tempora’ Program: a mass surveillance operation.

Tempora allowed the NSA to spy on the private web browsing of American citizens, because British spies didn’t need a warrant to intercept US data on UK soil.

With the active assistance of Cable & Wireless, GCHQ first hijacked then beamed the Skewjack data straight back to the NSA from their Bude satellites.

But Mark’s extraordinary movie digs much deeper than the known facts of the Snowden scandal.

The movie-maker comes across a range of farm and industrial buildings that either are proven to be, or may be linked to, international spying ops.

His film shows how:

GCHQ intercept ‘Nigella’ could be:

  • Secretly buried in a farmers field outside the Skewjack cable station
  • Hidden inside Global Cloud Exchange’s actual Skewjack building (although Mark insists this is unlikely as complicity by Global woul be ‘totally unethical’)
  • Buried beneath one of famed luxury dairy producer Rodda’s nearby Farms

BT’s Lands End cable station includes an intact nuclear bunker

A Verizon cable relay station at Lands End is surrounded by multiple, mysterious manholes with unusual extra security features.

Mark also found heavy security at Whitesands cable landing station, from where stock exchange prices are flashed transatlantic in 65 milliseconds.

GCHQ Bude – they beamed private data back to the US for the NSA

And around Goonhilly there are yet more suspicious discoveries.

At Kennack Sands, the strangely unoccupied old house overlooking the beach provides the junction for multiple transatlantic cables.

In nearby Ponsongath Mark encountered stories of coachloads of people being picked up and dropped off without explanation from small, isolated bungalows.

He said: “These stories sounds crazy until you look around – and see the number of bunkers in the area.”

Pentewan, Mevagissey, Fraddon, Indian Queens and a host of other local spots come under scrutiny, with some startling results.

Mark said: “Quite a lot of the worlds data runs under roads in Cornwall.”

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