The majority of Cornwall’s fourteen vital refuse tips will re-open next Tuesday May 19th, using Cllr Olly Monks number-plate system.

Olly wrote an open letter to Tips boss Rob Nolan last week, as the Duchy was threatened with a different kind of epidemic – fly-tipping.

The social media post suggested we could allay refuse workers apparent fears of angry crowds and no-distancing with a rota system based on number-plates.

Now the council have agreed, and next week you can take your rubbish away according to this system.

Cllr Rob Nolan was initially reluctant to re-open

If the last number on your numberplate is an odd number – you can turn up on an odd date.

So say your car is WL57 ABO – turn up on Tuesday 19th, Thursday 21st, and so on.

Same goes for even numbers:

Car no.plate WL58 ABO could drive up on Weds 20th, Friday 22nd, and so on.

Last of all Zero – 0 – is considered, for the purposes of dropping rubbish, an ‘even number’: WL50 ABO? 20th, 22nd, 24th, and so on.


There’s one caveat.

Tips boss Rob Nolan said for “safety reasons” the council “will need to restrict how and when residents access the sites and the types of waste they can bring.”

In an echo of national lockdown policies, there’s a new definition of what is ‘essential’ waste.

The council say you can only go to the tip to bin “general rubbish (black bag waste or bulky items) and garden waste that cannot be stored safely at home without risk of injury or harm to health.

You can check out all the guidance HERE. Maybe print it out before you drive over? In any case don’t get caught short by an over-zealous official..

The council spokeswoman said: “We anticipate very long queues on reopening.”

Tintagel, Saltash and Dudnance Lane tips will not re-open yet.

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