Two cake-chomping cops took a tumble when their colleague unbalanced a Cornish picnic bench.

A grab of the local officers crashing to the floor in a pile of crumbs was trending this week after a Police Sergeant posted the sneaky CCTV shots on Twitter.

The two policemen were upended when their lunch companion rose from his seat – capsizing theirs.

Back at the station a senior officer decided the only proper penalty was to post the comical shots on Twitter.

Sgt ‘Steve BJ’, joked: “Unfortunately this is how the other sections operate!! Wouldn’t happen on our team the mighty ‘F’ section.”

Here’s a link to the Full Vid

No-one’s identified the clumsy cops.

Anyone with any further information about this incident is advised to contact cornwallcommunitynews in confidence using the form below 🙂

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