by Ed Hunter
So!…Fake news in the dying mainstream media this week about cartoon right wingers planning Cornish beach invasions, methinks..

‘British Freedom Movement’, no less. On the march to Fistral, Newquay.

British Who? Never heard of ’em. And I’d be surprised if a single individual broke the lockdown to try and party on any Cornish beach.

Total nonsense. If anyone does show up it will be mainstream media’s fault for click-baiting.

Because it’ll just be a bunch of dafty kids who read the fake news by accident, thought it sounded naughty and wanted to join in.

Pretty unlikely though.

Ed has little doubt Fistral will be deserted…

And convenient, isn’t it, that the previously unknown ‘UK Freedom movement’ clumsily regurgitate, and make sound dangerous, moderate liberal views?..

All this bland pro-lockdown spin detracts from a serious, open debate we should be having about ending restrictions as soon as possible with the minimum fallout.

Given the welcome lack of Covid in the Duchy now, and the fact that working people will run out of money completely if this goes on much longer, it’s a debate that needs to be had.

Half the average fatality rate is great news – and hopefully our lockdown had something to do with it. But it’s a very open question: doctor’s aren’t sure.

And a lockdown is a serious blow to health, wealth, happiness.

In Cornwall to date lockdown knock-on effects have included fly-tipping, sick people avoiding going to the doctors, hospital visits to loved ones axed to one hour one visitor and kids banned.

Tourism meanwhile is on hold, as summer approaches, with council chiefs touting extraordinary ‘Covid-Free’ Kitemark schemes

Quite how it’s possible to promise punters no-one at your restaurant or holiday park will get a new flu I have no idea.

But that makes it all the more a proposal we should be scrutinising in an area worthy of discussion.

It’s certainly more productive – not to mention interesting – than cowering before the prospect of Emmets flooding the county with their up-country flu.

All that can lead to is myopic finger-pointing when cases of the pestilent disease – which is now endemic globally – inevitably reappear in the months to come.

And another thing’s for sure: conjuring up cardboard cut-out, selfish libertarians and sanctimoniously reporting that the police will break up their anti-social party plans for the common good is not moving us forward.

Here’s some expert opinion on the real news

We can start with Professor Johan Giesecke. As you’d expect from a man trained in a reputable STEM field, he says what most with common sense would find obvious.

Prof Giesecke suggest the stats prove we can’t control a flu virus, so a lockdown is pointless. But, he points out, once we’ve had lockdown – sudden lifting is ill-advised.

Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt has a clear and well informed opinion.

Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Levitt


As does Hendrik Streeck

Professor Hendrik Streeck


On the other hand here’s a GP with quite the contrary opinion.

Dr Mikhail Varshavski


So – what do you think? How much or how little should we be rolling back the substantial lockdown infringements on our freedoms?

Let us know! Just post below 🙂

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