Coastguards are worried there’ll be a wave of accidents this baking weekend – as visitors celebrating lockdown-lift find there are no beach lifeguards.

Concerns have grown since it’s emerged there’s already been one near-fatal accident involving a solo kayaker from up country.

The watersports enthusiast, who got trapped capsized off Poldhu Cove, revealed to rescuers he had driven all the way down from Leicester.

Coastguard rescue centre manager James Instance said: “It’s just through the good actions of somebody else that that person isn’t dead.”

“All of those safety measures we ask people to take were just overlooked.

“No way of raising the alarm. Didn’t tell anybody else where they were going.

The Coastguard helicopter flew the kayaker, suffering pneumonia, to Treliske

“If he hadn’t been spotted it is almost certain we would have been dealing with a fatality.”

The RNLI do not ordinarily post guards at any beaches this early in the year.

The gentleman from Leicester was saved after local John Geach, Poldhu Care Home head chef, spotted him in trouble from the shore.

Penlee Fast Rib Lifeboat & crew

John raised the alarm and Penlee Lifeboat crews were scrambled.

Atlantic 85 Inshore lifeboat ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’ was launched from Newlyn, helmed by James Roberts and crewed by Amy Smith and Andrew ‘Woody’ Wood.

A man almost died and significant rescue capacity was employed saving him

The rescuers later posted they had found the casualty: “partly submerged in freezing cold water, desperately clinging on to his upturned kayak.”

He’d been holding on for the previous hour.

A coastguard spokesman said: “People must please follow our safety advice to protect yourself and your loved ones.

“You’ll help to reduce the demands placed on our lifeboat crews and other emergency services too”

The call for self-control is echoed by Chief Constable for the Duchy Shaun Sawyer who addressed the public via Facebook this week

Chief Sawyer praised the “kindness” of locals to one another during the crisis, and asked holidaymakers to wait on “a while” before coming to Cornwall.

Officers cannot police social distancing or mask-wearing but they could disperse any group of more than three people not from the same household.

Coastguard advice to weekend beachgoers is as follows:

1. Take care when walking near cliffs
2. Check the weather forecast and tide timesHERE
3. If you fall into cold water unexpectedly, float to live
4. Check your equipment and wear a lifejacket if you’re going afloat
5. In a coastal emergency, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard


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