Firefighting Cornish Cocker Spaniel Archie celebrated his sixth birthday this weekend in fine style.

The Fire & Rescue Service laid on treats for their death-defying canine, a registered member of the fire service whose job it is to sniff out the cause of local blazes.

Archie – now 42 years old in human years – uses his sensitive nose to detect tiny traces of ignitable liquids that could have caused a fire.

He’s been trained to find petrol, paraffin, diesel, methylated spirits, acetone and BBQ lighter fluid.

The Sherlock Bones of fire detection even has his own Watson: sidekick Woody.

The intrepid pair are kitted out with tiny dog boots so their paws don’t get burned as they rake over fire scenes.

A Fire & Rescue spokesman said: “Archie had a wonderful birthday and got lots of attention.”

He added: “Archie tweets regularly on his ‘Paw Phone 7’ – catch up with his latest antics at @Archie_FireDog”

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