The coastguard were forced on a call out when some drinking sailors lost their engine.

Four would-be mariners were ‘assisted ashore’ by the inshore lifeboat.

They lost their boat’s engine off the Water Sports Centre in Falmouth, Wednesday.

A coastguard spokesman said: “Four people were assisted ashore.

“Words of advice were passed. The vessel had suffered mechanical failure and was towed in by the Inshore Lifeboat.”

He went on: “There was one life jacket between all on board and the sailors were not being prepared for a late evening on the water.

“They had no navigation lights, and there were also multiple waste alcohol containers found within the vessel.

“With all this in mind, this incident could have turned out very differently.”

The coastguard have asked both tourists and locals to take extra care at the beach as lockdown lifts, because lifeguards are not on duty yet.

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