A BRAVE DAD saved an OAP from a flat fire on Thursday.

Father of two Ryan Northall, 25, rushed in to the rescue after hearing a smoke alarm in maisonettes neighbouring his home in St Columb Minor, Newquay.

Ryan, who’s a trainee policeman, told CCN: “I thought I’d go over and check no-one has had a fall or anything.

“When I arrived at the gentleman’s property there was smoke billowing out of the window: so I opened the door but he had a chain lock on it. So I shunted the door open

“You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face because of the amount of smoke in there: so I pulled my T-shirt over my face and shouted out for him.

“When I found him I lifted him and got him outside. I told him to sit on a chair and get some fresh air.

“I went back in to the property and used a saucepan to douse the flames. It had spread from the top of the cooker.

“I wanted to get it under control because of course there were flats above and either side.

“When the fire was under control I went round and evacuated all the elderly people from the flats because of the smoke.”

Firefighters thanked Ryan for his bravery and the victim was treated for burns.

The elderly gentleman suffered a burned hand but is recovering steadily.

Ryan went home to his partner Cody, 22, and two young daughters.

The family have since been happily surprised by the media interest. Ryan joked: “It was definitely an interesting end to the day!”

The local lad will be completing his training in Plymouth with the police force when virus restrictions are lifted.

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