The brutal, scandalous attack was posted online – and ignored by mainstream media

In the USA this week, media censorship of brutal attacks on OAPs in care homes has stoked global concerns about establishment prejudice.

The shocking story may seem far flung from Cornwall’s shores – but it’s not.

It’s directly analagous to the atrocious behaviour of our dim-witted, politically correct elites at home.

Let’s look at the US story first.

A shocking video of Jason Hayden appeared on social media showing him:

  • Repeatedly punching a 75 year old man in a hospital bed for a minute and half, then filming his bloodied face
  • Posting shots of a care home patient mysteriously convulsing and frothingat the mouth under the headline ‘drugs prank’
  • Attacking another patient, seen, wearing a hospital band, in their bed: this patient is thought to be a woman

The video only got out because the perpetrator posted it. It went viral – but America’s primary mainstream news network, CNN, refused to cover the story.

You Tube are in the process today (May 23rd) of removing multiple videos that show evidence of what happened.

Twitter have not yet censored the videos, but the tragic tale is being left chiefly to conservative outlets such as Fox News and small local papers to cover

There are two suspicions about why big tech and the mainstream media would surpress a story so clearly newsworthy, and in the public interest to expose.

The first is that the mainstream media and the political establishment have contempt for the majority of the population.

They believe most people are racist, so they censor an important story simply because the villain of the piece is black, and the victim white, to prevent race war.

The second suspicion is a bit more complex: it’s that the reporters themselves are racist.

This is about the sorry state of modern University education, with the suspicion being that humanities courses teach students never to see a black person as a villain, or a white person as a victim.

Let’s get in to that: because it’s not actually that complicated. It just needs a bit of context.

People in the West often complain of’political correctness’ in officialdom. Where that comes from, is a form of extreme bigotry that is taught as part of University Humanities courses.

Postmodernism, a philosophy which degrades and vilifies majority groups, is endemic in US and European teaching of subjects like English, Sociology, Social Work, Gender Studies, Politics.

It has been repeatedly exposed as an anti-intellectual nonsense.

In one famous recent example, a journal of social work was duped into publishing sections of Hitler’s Main Kampf – in which the word ‘Nazism’ was simply replaced by ‘Feminism’.

Despite this, the discredited academic fields still thrive, and their graduates typically go in to politicised, powerful jobs. (With no technical skills or scientific understanding, they have little choice)

They go in to media, social work, human resources, local council bureaucracies, and many other areas.

But consider just those four career paths alone, and then consider how much unaccountable social and political influence is wielded the people working in those areas.

Media – especially mainstream media which is backed up by Big Tech and claims to be unbiased and ‘authoritative’ – heavily influences public opinion.

(We’re writing this week about how a piece of unadulterated political propaganda appeared in a mainstream local Cornish paper, presented as ‘news’)

Human Resources staff decide which candidate is given a job interview, and then which is awarded a job.

Council officials spend taxpayers money, and enact laws and by-laws the local council passes. It’s supposed to be the case that they just follow the orders of elected councillors – but of course there are big grey areas.

Last and worst, social workers have the extraordinary power to enter a family home and police it, and ultimately to forcibly remove a child from its natural parents.

Let’s not discuss whether that last extension of state power should be considered acceptable or deemed criminal: this paper’s editorial position is firm and on the record

Instead let’s open the debate to consider the smelly little orthodoxies, and laughable ‘ideas’, that lurk in the University-educated minds of the people exercising, and often abusing that state power.

Is it an acceptable situation for people that wield any power in society – let alone this kind of unaccountable power – to be postmodernist bigots?

To be people so silly or flawed that they will be deluded by transparently nonsensical ideologies the upshot of which is to hold the majority of the population in contempt?

If their dodgy politics wasn’t enough – the evidence suggests the people in these powerful jobs are stupid, compared to the average.

Look at this increasingly hard to find graph showing stat scores by gender and subject in US Universities.

Who’s that at the bottom of the IQ grades? Oh! Social Workers! The people with the most unaccountable power!

By contrast Physicists, Chemists, Biologists, Engineers, Mechanics, and Mathematicians – these people, the brightest, do not have influence.

They are hired and fired by public bodies and corporations run by people who compared to them are dim-wits.

British academic Helen Pluckrose is one of those who were effectively expelled from University for challenging postmodernist views

Now transpose all this to Cornwall Council.

You would hope that the head of a regional council might be, if not from that region, then deeply familiar with it.

And you might hope that they had both a deep and abiding sympathy and understanding of the majority population, as well as its minorities, and a professional background that evidenced high intelligence.

Kate Kennally is a feminist social services director from London.

Cornwall council hosts a series of large and powerful postmodern initiatives and bodies, of which the Equality and Diversity Service form the central plank.

In 2015, when Kennally took over the council, 32 pages of Transgender Guidance were issued to Cornish schools.

The authors included Glenda Fox, Judy Pomery and Pat Barr, all officials employed at the Equality and Diversity Service and funded by the taxpayer.

Transgender people are a fairly small minority. And, true to postmodernist principles, the council spends a significant amount of time and money on transgender issues.

In February – as officialdom might have been focussed exclusively on emergency plans for a fatal flu pandemic – a great official fanfare erupted for ‘LGBT’ History Month.

Nobody cared. Because nobody much cares what their friends or neighbours choose to do in bed.

You only have to take a cursory glance at the Equality and Diversity Departments
Facebook page to see the glaring lack of interest in ‘identity’ politics.

The simple fact is that the work of the Equalities Service is more in line with the diktats of postmodernism than it is with public feeling.

And not only do they have power, they’re bossy as Hell.

The sort of work they do is typified by the issuing in 2017 of 24 pages of definitions and orders to people on how to behave.

True to postmodernism, the ‘Equality and Diversity Framework’ says that discrimination – which most people abhor – is alright if it benefits people from minorities.

The document defines: “Positive discrimination” as “Offering opportunities to someone because of their race, gender etc.”

It concedes this discrimination is Usually unlawful”, but then adds that it can be allowed in limited circumstances.”

This Orwellian doublespeak – effectively telling us that some of us are more equal than others – dictates policies in schools, colleges, public sector departments, all businesses, and increasingly in personal life.

Most people understand that in a fair society, this is deeply morally wrong: that no-one should get a special pass, and that pure merit should decide people’s opportunities in life.

So for our officials to sponsor and support small groups at the expense of larger ones purely on that basis is discriminatory, is unfair and counter-productive.

It suggests we have badly educated and incompetent public officials, possessed of a poisonous ideology that allows them to despise, resent and connive at the oppression of the social majority.

It suggests to people that officialdom is controlled by deluded or cynical reverse bigots.

Kate Kennally’s refusal to investigate how the council mismanaged reports of a workers serious injury does nothing to lessen that impression.

The victim, a local man working in a traditionally blue collar field, was left with a debilitating brain injury while working at Grampound Road Cormac depot in 2016.

The story of what he suffered, and how his suffering has been swept under the carpet, is absolutely scandalous.

Council managers initially swept up the blood from his injury. Cormac later lied in their report to the HSE. And that lying report was submitted five weeks late.

No private company would get away with such callous disregard for human life. The council would be all over them.

But it took the resignation of a senior councillor, Bob Egerton – who hopelessly battled the council to act for two years – to move our elected representatives to voice the issue.

And when Bob did finally resign – it was in direct protest at Ms Kennally, who – backed up by the council leader Julian German – refused to take up the victims cause.

It’s prescient to ask if this London social worker, with her ‘strong opinions’, would have been equally dismissive if the victim in the case had had minority status.

It makes you wonder if the reason a senior official drafted in to run Cornwall council ‘point blank refuses’ to act over the alleged cover-up of a working man suffering a serious head injury, is the same reason the mainstream media in the US refuse to lift a finger when a a 75 year old is beaten bloody in a savage attack.

Both seem to labour under the same delusions: the postmodernist and critical theory delusions that straight white men are privileged, no matter if they’re working maintaining roads, or dying in a care home, and somehow deserve to be discriminated against – whereas anyone who can claim minority status, no matter how wealthy or well-to-do, or powerful they may be, deserves favourable discrimination.

Just as in Cornwall our chief executive is said to have done nothing in response to the suffering of a hard working road worker, in Michigan the Attorney General Dana Nessel was silent about the terrible beating of a defenceless OAP.

By contrast Nessel was loudly critical of US President Donald Trump, simply because he was not filmed wearing a Covid mask when visiting a Ford Factory.

But no-one in Michigan really cares if Donald Trump sports a Covid mask.

And most people in Cornwall feels about as passionately about LGBT History Month as they do about the history of trainspotting.

These are non-issues, peddled by non-entitities, who know and understand nothing of what is important to most of the people they idly boast they represent.

So here’s a simple message for the mainstream of our body politic, our media, and our public institutions. It’s one that counts in Cornwall as much as everywhere else.

Stop telling us what to say and think. You’re wrong, you’re stupid, and we’re not.

Stop wasting our time and money on your pathetic political vanity projects.

And start showing everyone – not just your precious postmodernist favourites – some civility and respect.

You can’t expect anything but suspicion, resent, contempt and disrespect in return until you do.

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