By Sensible Ed

Here’s a question for the national corporation which in the last decade has killed off Cornwall’s legacy newspaper titles.

What exactly is the role of a local newspaper, when a fatal pandemic prompts emergency Govt powers and an at-home lockdown?

Is it to:

  1. Encourage family break-up?
  2. Demonise men and promote hate?
  3. Regurgitate extreme feminist propaganda?

No? No, of course not. It’s all three at once!

This week, with lockdown barely lifted, lame local mainstream media excitedly printed a pop countdown style guide in how to get your partner thrown out of the house.

To support the local community, your caring, sharing, in-touch, grass-roots ‘local’ paper decided the best thing to do would be to undermine the family.

So, while we were all locked up together and trying to get on, they regurgitated the maddest feminist inspired clauses of the 2015 Serious Crime Act.

The Act incorporates some of the most vicious and unjust laws ever passed.

They purport to tackle ‘Domestic Violence’. But that’s news to the woman who founded Womens Refuges, and has spent her long life fighting for real gender equality.

Erin Pizzey tells CCN in a rare interview that what these biased laws do is criminalise all and any human behaviour, provoking family break-up at the drop of a hat.

She explains this drives a wedge between the sexes, ruins the lives of countless children, and benefits only extremist groups whose politics are openly sexist – against men

A second expert in the field explained that the laws were ‘clumsy’, the data they relied on inherently innacurate, and the outcomes questionable.

When Coercive Behaviour PhD Deborah Powney clicked on the ‘local’ papers article, she went as far as to call its publication ‘dangerous’.

She says by expanding the definition of ‘abuse’ to include, for instance ‘jealousy’, it belittles the plight of victims of serious violence, and actively encourages false allegations on spurious grounds.

This is not the first time this newspaper has flagged this up. And in the times we’ve lain fallow credible, vocal and humane opposition to political correctness has not exactly been lacking.

So it is a shameful state of affairs when, in 2020, a large mainstream local newspaper, whose bosses are rich on the backs of paying readers and advertising local businesses, continues to mindlessly shovel hateful, anti-social PC propaganda down the throats of those same readers and call it ‘news’.

And it’s little wonder that in the real world, a generation that has grown up suffering the horrific effects of bad people pushing hate and bigotry in to law in the bogus guise of ‘woke’ political agendas, are thoroughly sick of it, and turned their backs on a foul-smelling orthodox establishment and its MSM lapdogs some time ago.

They even have a meme for the kind of priviliged, entitled, bitter and generally loathsome females who so love to push nasty authoritarian policies and ideas, sold under the all-purpose label of equality and fairness, but which in fact just endlessly expand their already disproportionate social privilege.

‘Karen’, they call her: She’s everywhere, with bad hair and a dumb attitude, and it appears that nowhere is her toxic presence more pervasive than in local mainstream news outlets.

You can clearly see Karen stomping in to the local rags ever-dwindling Truro offices for another hard day rewriting official press releases, ready to do the great unwashed a really big favour by sharing her keen grasp of social justice.

‘How dare you attempt to report the daily news’, Karen screams, foul black knee-boots clicking, public sector employment badge collection clacking and crashing around her chicken neck.

‘Don’t you know you’re just upholding the patriachy with your phallo-centric attempts at factual reporting?

Woke Up People! You need to check your privilege! Balanced reporting favours established white male CIS gendered groups who are over-empowered in society despite the fact that they make up almost all the prison population most of the unemployed almost all of the homeless, do the overwhelming majority of low-paid and dangerous jobs and commit suicide at a rate of eleven a week! Our reporting needs to be inclusive and diverse and reflect the fact our staff have woken up to the real ‘Local World’ in which an oppressed horde of abused females spends all day struggling against institutional sexism and the glass ceiling only to trudge home to be terrorised by evil wife-beating husbands! Give me that article about a cat up a tree so I can make it in to a papier-mache phallus of non-binary gender identity and accept that reporting the news is a job to which only Karen is entitled!’

Naturally the headline picture of Karen’s ‘news article’ about grotesque legislation passed five years ago depicts the shadow of an evil man looming over a cowering defenceless woman – despite the fact that 1 in 3 reported ‘DV’ incidents are of women attacking men, and multiple surveys show substantially more women commit violence on their partners than men.

But hey – who needs facts – when we’ve got Karen!

You! Karen’s piece barks at her employers two remaining readers.

Are you asking your girlfriend to wear your favourite dress! Posting her selfies! Calling her rude names! Complaining about your mother-in-law! How dare you!

“Doing this” Karen screams, “Could be grounds for prosecution!”

Er…sorry Karen? What behaviour exactly is grounds for prosecution?

Everything! Karen shouts wildly:

Looking at your partners Facebook messages! Disgraceful!

Sharing any picture of them “not usually seen in public” – (not porn, mind – absolutely any image whatsoever). How Dare You!

Publishing any picture of them “posing in a sexually provocative way” (again, anything: am alluring smile would do it) Disgusting!

Oh, and, here’s one close to Karens heart: “One partner cannot stop the other from accessing money” – whose money? Your money. That’s right – if you earn the household income, according to our disgraceful ‘DV’ laws, you have to give it away. And don’t bother asking for receipts – that’s also ‘abuse’

Now it’s good to stay upbeat and take the mickey out of this extreme nastiness.

Calling Karens Karen annoys them and they deserve it.

But there’s a very serious side to this very serious subject.

As Domestic Violence Refuge Founder Erin Pizzey points out in our exclusive interview, to draft a law so that every type of human behaviour can be legally classified as a crime is unjust.

And as ‘DV’ expert Deborah Powney also told us, falsely typecasting men doesn’t do ‘social justice’ much good either.

But let’s leave aside what independent experts think.

Does anybody out there think the job of a local community newspaper is to lend the supposed ‘authority’ of its news pages to celebrating every last clause of a series of bad laws, and endorsing the rotten ideology behind them?

No-one? Well – no matter. Karen’s here now and she can tell you what to think, thank you very much

Thinking of sharing “a picture by text and e-mail, or showing someone a physical or electronic image”of your partner? Karen won’t have it! Domestic Abuse! Out!

In the habit of calling your partner names?

“You might not think this is domestic abuse,” Karen instructs us, but the new law says this persistent name-calling, mocking and other insulting behaviour is illegal.”

Thanks Karen. Really helpful during a lockdown. Er..just one thing…’Other insulting behaviour’. What’s that? Who defines it? Could there possibly be a problem in the phrasing of that law???

Who Cares? Don’t interrupt Karen. She’s on a f****ng roll. It’s the Feminist Sermon on the F****ng Mount:

Thy partner shalt not:

“4) Stop you seeing friends or family….If your partner continually isolates you from the people that love you, alarm bells should ring.”

Any issues with that one? What if you hate your mother or father in law? Don’t like your girlfriend’s brother? Anything? Any questions arising…

NO. That’s absolutely fine. Karen says so.

Five is ‘It is illegal to scare you’. Given that being scared is subjective – personally I’m scared of Karens – can Karen see any grounds for raising a journalistic enquiry? NO!

“Maybe your partner does not physically assault you, but if they are doing enough to frighten you then they are committing an offence,” she hastens to remind us.

Then, Karen not very cleverly pulls the tired old trick of conflating harmless action in with bloody murder, and pretending it’s all the same.

An all-inclusive list of behaviour thou shalt not commit in your own home lest you ‘could face prosecution’ starts with ‘making angry gestures’ and ends with ‘wielding a gun’.

Much the same, Karen, much the same. Last time a van driver flipped me the bird: I called the police. He’s currently doing 12 years for attempted murder. Quite right too. Can’t see any problem with that legislation at all, Karen.

And if any of this is making you depressed or putting you off having any kind of relationship with anyone at all ever – don’t even think of, well, leaping off a cliff or anything. Karen won’t stand for it. How Dare You.

Don’t you know, as Karen understands, that suicide also constitutes ‘domestic violence’.

‘Scaring’ your bf or gf or hubby or wife or significant whatever ‘can include,‘ we are informedbut is not limited to”, making angry gestures; using physical size to intimidate; shouting you down; destroying your possessions; breaking things; punching walls; wielding a knife or a gun; threatening to kill or harm you and the children; threatening to kill or harm family pets; threats of suicide.

Oh great. Yes that makes perfect sense. So, if you get sick of handing over all your money, remaining silent out of fear lest anything you say be construed as domestic violence, and keeping your arms perpetually at your sides so as not to make a gesture which might ‘scare’ your partner: is it all gets too much and you crack and threaten suicide – then that’s domestic violence too?

Did Karen feel at any point this should be challenged? Is there a question to be asked of whether it is not sick to the point of complete moral degeneracy, for a political pressure group that has perverted the law to make it a vassal with which to unjustly persecute and imprison men, leading to an epidemic of male suicide, to include in its list of crimes punishable by arrest for domestic violence the very threat of suicide?

No. No, instead Karen continues her ground-breaking research in to how easy it is to break up even the most functional family.

Six and seven are sort of watered down blackmail and some pie-in-the-sky crud about phone-spying devices that only a dozy boomer trying to be tech-hip would dream up.

Eight is a belter. This is it word for word.

“8) Being extremely jealous

“If your partner persistently accuses you of cheating simply for looking at another person, then this could be grounds for prosecution.”

Now, the experts had a thing or two to tell CCN about this, and how it is a sick joke to anyone who’s really been seriously assaulted, and a legal stick to beat innocent people with.

But who cares about independent opinions when we have Karen.

Thank God! How did we ever get by with – er – information about what was going on in the local community.

But wait – what if that’s all the local news people actually need?

And – Oh No Karen – what if people think your destructive misandrist propaganda is b*****ks?

What if they refuse to be a miserable git like you Karen? What if they don’t want relationships in which the police tell you when to have sex?

Don’t worry! Karen has great news for us all!

“Police and prosecutors are being trained to recognise patterns of abusive behaviour which can be regarded as criminal abuse.”

Fantastic! So if I don’t realise being horny when my partner isn’t, or liking her red shoes more then her black ones isn’t domestic abuse – the police can decide for me!

Oh and – heavens be praised – there’s a ‘Free App’ so I can download your hateful and depressing propaganda and insults to my phone!

At Last! The Karen App! I can have Karen raking over my ISEM all day and all night and sending me alerts to check my thinking!

Er…Yeah. Methinks it’s about time Karen was shown the newsroom door, and some serious and thoughtful editing undertaken of the mainstream local media.

Lapping up destructive, dishonest press releases, from biased political pressure groups, and handing them dutifully to entitled Karens to celebrate in nasty, dangerous articles, will not do.

There is only one outcome to perching Karen atop the wretched remains of a local newspaper so she can scream bigotry and prejudice under the banner of ‘local news’.

It’s Karen, all on her own, shouting at people who aren’t listening across a news desert she helped create

I for one, can do without it.

How about you?

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